List of Trainings Approved for Reimbursement for Early Start Service Providers*

Below is a list of trainings and webinars approved for reimbursement through an Early Start provider training initiative funded by the Department of Developmental Services. If a specific training that has been requested for reimbursement does not appear on this list, please submit the training for consideration using this form. Eligible training topics include the following:

  • Cultural competency and cultural humility in the delivery of services
  • Reflective practice and supervision
  • Recognizing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Toxic Stress
  • Recognizing and addressing implicit bias in oneself, and in service delivery
  • Supporting early childhood inclusive practices

For more information about submitting a training for consideration and the approval criteria, download this helpful infographic.

To be eligible for staff time reimbursement, training activities must total at least one hour and must be whole hours, not fractions thereof.  
  • For example, trainings shown in blue, which are fractions of whole hours in length, must be combined with other training videos so that viewing time is equivalent to whole hours to be eligible for reimbursement.
  • Additionally, the four short videos shown in yellow must be viewed together and at the same time to be eligible for 1 hour of staff time reimbursement.

*Per DDS Directive issued on January 25, 2023