The Early Start videos in this collection may be used to promote Early Start through public service channels or to educate parents and other community members about Early Start services.

Public Service Announcements

The Early Start PSA videos describe how the first three years of a child’s life are critical to their overall development.  The videos list some developmental skills to look for and describe how to request information about Early Start through an 800 number if a parent has questions or concerns about their child’s development. Two PSA videos are available: 1) Former Surgeon General’s Message and 2) Parents Give Advice.

Family Stories

The Family Stories videos provide personal stories from families whose children have received Early Start services. Season One offers stories from four families: Samantha, Quimby, Oliver, and Hadley; Kaitlynn Troung, Leo, and Family; Amanda Smith, Haven, and Family; and Diamond, Greg, Justus, Jordan, Journey, and Jadyn Alexander.

Story of Max

The Story of Max is a guide to the California Early Start system through the lens of a family.  It places the viewer in the shoes of parents who have concerns about their child’s development and follows them from referral to IFSP and the start of services. Max’s story is available in English and Spanish.

Max Turns Three

Max Turns Three is a guide to transition from California Early Start to preschool-age services through the lens of a family. It places the viewer in the shoes of parents who have concerns about what lies ahead for their child at the age of three when Early Start services end. Max Turns Three is available in English and Spanish.

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