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To find your local Early Start resources, select the county in which you live, and the resource you are seeking, from the drop down menus below.

To request an assessment for Early Start services, start by contacting the regional center in your county.
For additional questions, please call the Early Start BabyLine at 800-515-BABY (800-515-2229).

Other Resources

Besides the local services and resources available to you, a number of statewide resources and organizations may also be of interest and support.

  • Training, Technical Assistance, and Resources — projects that provide training, technical assistance, program, and staff development resources; family education resources; and support for various aspects of California Early Start.
  • Accredited Higher Education Early Childhood Special Education Programs – California colleges and universities that offer accredited education specialist programs with an area of specialization in Early Childhood Special Education.
  • Early Head Start Programs – federally funded community-based programs for low-income families with infants and toddlers and pregnant women. The Early Head Start mission is to promote healthy prenatal outcomes for pregnant women, enhance the development of very young children, and promote healthy family functioning.
  • Partner State Departments and Agencies –  The California departments of Health Care Services, Managed Health Care, Social Services, and Public Health are state agencies that provide services and resources that may be beneficial. Descriptions of the services that these agencies provide are on this site. Each agency determines eligibility for the services that it provides.
  • Advocacy Organizations – organizations that help to plan, coordinate, monitor, and evaluate services for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families as well as advocate for the legal and civil rights of Californians with developmental disabilities.
  • Websites – a sampling of websites that offer assistance with disability, family support, service provision, advocacy, and other areas.
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