Guidance on Avoiding Preschool Expulsion

California Department of Education Management Bulletin 18-06, released just last Friday (August 24, 2018), outlines new requirements for steps which must be taken to avoid expulsion or disenrollment of children from California State Preschool Programs because of behavior. Previously, some of California’s youngest learners may have been expelled or unenrolled from preschool, child care, and other developmental settings due to challenging behaviors. Assembly Bill 752, however, requires agencies running state-funded early childhood programs to work with parents and guardians to take specific supportive steps before expelling or disenrolling a child. Learn more about the new requirements and information and training available to support social and emotional development and address challenging behavior by clicking here.

The ICC-Recommended Early Start Personnel Manual (ESPM) describes core knowledge and role-specific competencies needed for early intervention service provision, incorporating current research and evidence in the field of early intervention. To access the ESPM, click here.

This resource is related to the following ESPM knowledge-level competencies:

  • Core Knowledge (CK):
    • CK6: The sequences of development and the interrelationships among developmental areas/factors
    • CK8: The etiology, diagnosis and characteristics of disabilities and risk factors.
    • CK9: The characteristics and influence of disabilities and risk factors on early development, learning, care giving and relationships
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